Fave new vampire film

September 10, 2010 at 10:59 pm (Let The Right One In, Remakes, Vampires)

With all the new vampire films out and about now, it was nice to stumble into something a bit more refreshing and quirky. The Swedish ‘Let The Right One In’ was everything i was looking for in a vampire film. It was raw, beautiful, innocent and mesmirising. The way in which it was shot was effective and moving. Aswell as being very atmospheric, the relationship between Oskar and vampire child Eli was so real and so needed on both sides, it took a very haunting and potentially upsetting situation and made it heartwarming.
I also liked the fact that whereas mostly every other vampire film to date is about infatuation, sexuality, and promiscuous characters, Let The Right One In is not about that atall. It’s about two children, both in desperate situations who find eachother, when they need eachother most and become what the other is looking for…a best friend.
I don’t think the film went over the top with the gore, but what blood and horror was in there was needed and balanced out with a great story line.
I didn’t pick up on something first time i watched, but after showing my boyfriend the film he pointed something out, that made me feel both sad and happy. All in all an amazing vampire film, and def one of my faves if not THE fave vampire film.

I’m angry that Let The Right One is being re-made into an American film. It was perfect the way it was in subtitles and after watching the American trailer for the now called, ‘Let Me In’  i find everything that made the original the amazing film that it was, has been lost. Trying to make it bigger, using larger than life effects and trying to create a  more “Hollywood” friendly movie ruins a great film. But i guess there trying to sell the film to a wider audience, and they will probably succeed in doing that. However i think the majority of the people who will prefere the American version, will be people who have not watched the original in it’s pure form.
American version’s of great foreign films are created for people who don’t have the concerntration or intelligence to sit down and watch a great film in subtitles.
…Thats not to say that all remakes are bad though lol 🙂


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