We are The Walking Dead

April 1, 2011 at 1:03 am (The Walking Dead)

Although i havnt really read many comics or graphic novels, the first i read was Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. That was a pretty big and deep one to jump in with, and at the time i had no idea of the world changing story i was reading. Moore was revolutionary and i read this story, a little confused at the time, but still in awe!!!
My next Comic was Preacher by Garth Ennis and the art was by Steve Dillon. I instantly fell in love with the story before i even read it, as my boyfriend basically explained the whole story to me before i started lol. But the story with the art drew me in instasntly, it has the perfect mix of weirdness and relationships which i love. I read the first 3 in like 2 days, and then realised that my boyfriend had lost his next two issues 😦

About two weeks ago i finally picked up The Walking Dead, after going to a convention where there was many great artist and writers there, and among them was Charles Adlard, the artist for The Walking Dead, and i hadnt yet read it. So over looked the big craze and the ridiculous 6 hour que to get  a sketch.
But after reading….im in awe, im shocked im in love, im scared im frightened, anxious and excited. Everything Robert Kirkman puts into words and everything Charles Adlard puts into art. It’s incredible!!! For someone who doesn’t have any interest in comics i advise you to pic up this comic and just indulge. It will excite you to your very core, and disturb emotions you never thought you could possibly have over a book.


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