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July 21, 2010 at 4:00 pm (Tara McPherson)

I have recently been introduced to artist, Tara McPherson by my boyfriend. I absolutly love her work, an if only i had enough money would love to get one of her original prints. I don’t know what it is about her art that i like so much, on face value it looks quite child like, or like it’s based at children. I began to realise that thats what i liked most about it. It appears so innocent and i think that it would appeal to the child in all of us, but once you’ve seen a few pieces of her work, you realise it is alot more intricate than it first appears.

She’s also done some art for band and festival posters like faith no more, melvins, kings of leon, sonisphere and some others. Even though her art can seem quite girly and childlike, and sounds like it would seem out of place for a band or festival poster, it works so so well.

Her work seems capable of being used and corporated into any sort of media, like band stuff, on canvases, art books, she even has a colouring pack. Some of her work would fit perfectly into a childs bedroom and adult room alike.

I love her stuff so much im considering having some art of hers as one of my next tattoo’s 🙂


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