Oh the horror…THE HORROR!

August 23, 2011 at 11:54 pm (Alfred Hitchcock, Anthony Perkins, Hayden Panettiere, Insidious, James Wan, Janet Leigh, Psycho, Scream 4, The burning, Tom Savini)

Been watching a lot of horror movie’s new and old over the last week, The Burning, Insidious, Scream4 and Psycho. The Burning a cult slasher classic with make up effect’s by the god that is Tom Savini is bloody, it’s full of gore, plenty of screams and a psycho killer called ‘Cropsy’ who makes his kills with his big fuck off garden shears!!! I was so surprised with how much I loved the film, and thought the characters were developed awesomely 🙂

Insidious…fuck man what can i say about Insidious…except me and the boyf had to watch an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond after it and then leave the light on in bed for at least half an hour haha. It was one hell of a creepy film. And it wasn’t even that it was that scary, but the anticipation of something scary coming…was enough to make me cling to my boyfriend and feel anxious right the way through. Directed by James Wan the legend that brought us the only Saw film worth mentioning and that be the first, I thoroughly enjoyed being terrified by his film. The only thing I thought could have been better was the ending, but with such an incredible start to the film i can forgive that. 😉

Scream4, man watching it made me feel about 12 again, sneaking over a mates house to watch it in secret all of us curled up with a bowl of popcorn 🙂 I think Wes Craven was on top form going back to the Scream franchise, forgetting scream3 which I think absolutely sucked! Scream4 was perfect, with its hints and nods to other horror films and popular culture and the fact that he got all the original cast to come back…i enjoyed it from start to finish. And Hayden Panettiere looking hotter than hell with her short cropped cut 🙂

I’ve been waiting to watch Psycho since as long as I can remember, and finally last night I did. The only film up until then by Hitchcock that I’d saw was ‘The Birds’ which I both loved and was terrified by as a kid! But I loved Psycho!! Janet Leigh both beautiful and an amazing actress (like mother like daughter) and Anthony Perkins were incredible in the film. I felt both sympathy and fear from Perkins, and don’t think the role could have been acted any more perfectly. His sweet nature, and freaky fast changing facial expressions, added with an incredible soundtrack made me feel tense and on edge rright the way through!!!
Creepy creepy Norman Bates!!!


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