Dungeons and Dragons!!!

May 9, 2011 at 11:08 pm (Dungeons and Dragons, Elves)

Sooooo ive never really been interested in Dungeons and Dragons, but recently my boyfriend has started really getting into it, and we found out a few of our friends would be up for starting a game too. I know pretty much nothing about it, but our D&D starter pack came this morning, and im pretty excited now 🙂 And i know i want to be an elf, so ive been looking at a few ideas for some character designs for my elf rogue 🙂

This wasn’t really the design i wanted, but how fricking beautiful?!?! I so SO love it 🙂

Although im not looking to be a skin head elf, i thought this looked incredible! The detail in the face is..WOAH! And it’s a possable doll!!! How cool?!?


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