Sexy Pretty Things…

June 17, 2011 at 5:59 pm (Camilla D'errico)

I’ve fallen in love with Camilla D’errico!! She is possibly my favourite artist right now, and I want to get a tattoo of her work, but can’t quite decide on the one I want. Even though there’s a few of her coloured pieces, that i can’t stop looking at, because there magical and beautiful…I think her black and white art would work incredibly as a tattoo…she’s spoilt me for choice 😉
Half of her work she uses young girls and they remind me of my little girl, that innocence, those big eyes, and her love of animals. The other half of her work, she uses women but that innocence becomes almost sexual, seductive looks, and pouty lips…it’s so beautiful!!!

This one reminds me of my little girl, the big blue eyes, her favourite colour is yellow and she LOVES butterflies 🙂

I love the way she uses colour, her talents are incredible!!! The way she blends and uses the animals remind me of being a kid, and make me feel super happy 🙂

I love this one, the comedy tragedy masks are a great touch. I love her girls, with the beautiful eyes and hair

This one is so seductive, her anime style girls matches the seduction of this piece perfectly. Ribbons in her hair, her pig-tails and pretty hat, mixed with that fact she’s nude, her hands posed over her breasts and she’s playfully sucking on a lolly-pop! Love it!!! 🙂

Love how Camilla D’errico uses mechanics in her art. Recently started reading Burn with her art in, and it’s incredible!!! Her girls are so stunning, and she contrasts it with all this metalic mechanics. I think it’s perfection! 🙂



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