About a Girl…Dirty Doris.

Im, 24, I love horror and Sci-Fi movies, I love reading about serial killers, I love Stephen King, I love finding new literature, I love lip stick, I love fancy dress, I wish i could play the guitar, I love ridiculously high heels, I love colour, Ive recently started to love Xbox and comics, I Love Camilla D’errico, Alan Moore should be my uncle, I love/hate family equally, I have THE bestest friend in THE entire world…FACT. I love shoes, I love stockings, I dye my hair at least once every 2 months, I love music, I trust people too easily, I love to be outside, I love nature, I love to write although I should do more if I want to be a writer, I read at least once a day, I love Gears of War, I LOVE Lord Of The Rings, I don’t fall in love easily so when I do I know it’s true, I love to spend money, I wish I could travel and leave the world behind, I miss very few people but I miss them an awful lot, I would rather die than tell someone how I’m feeling, I love my little squishy aka my daughter, I love taking pictures, I have a black and white cat, 1 fish, and a winter white Russian Dwarf hamster

I live to smoke cigarettes :)

I am a girl.


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