Black Hole

October 31, 2011 at 11:13 am (Black Hole, Charles Burns, Max Oppenheim)

Bought Black Hole by Charles Burns last week, and was so captivated by it read it in a day…even though i wanted to drag it out t let it last longer…i physically couldn’t help myself!!!
From the art that seems simplistic, but at the same time feels complex, to the way Burns manages to capture ordinary people and make it interesting…i loved it from start to finish!

The books about a group of teens, doing what teens do, but with this weird sort of sexually transmitted disease that is going around, but instead of being within the body, the disease manifests itself in physical deformities. It’s kind of like a hit and miss deal, some people might have a slight blemish…or uuh mouth on their neck that they can hide, where as other people end up with hideous deformities n their face clear for everyone to see…











Burns captures the life of ordinary teenagers to perfection, we’ve all been there, scared nervous, excited, kind of like how Dan Clowes does with Ghost World, which i absolutely love. And if anyone has ever got high…there’s never been a more true to life interpretation of how it feels to be in that state of not belonging in any place or any persons. Reading Black Hole made me feel a bit apathetic and down i guess, when i tried to explain it…the book almost leaves you feeling hopeless lol. But not in a way where you wish you hadn’t read it, in a way where you feel enlightened. Full of that 70’s American charm i absolutely loved it! Felt like i could read it all over again as soon as i finished, and Charles Burns is def up there in my top 5 now!











Found these interpretations of Charles Burns’ characters and thought it was amazing! It was done by a British magazine 125 and photographer Max Oppenheim.






























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