Remember remember The Loved Ones…

September 19, 2011 at 12:40 am (Australian Horror Films, The Loved Ones)

Watched the Australian film ‘The Loved Ones’ the other day by myself, which is an unusual thing because I can’t normally watch horror films by myself (no matter how lame they are) But I gave it a go, not really knowing much about it. IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE!!! So underrated, and every actor in the film was deadly believable!!! The character of Lola is so believable, her psycho-ness, her duality of personalities, her total lack of compassion toward other people… I double locked my door that night…just to be safe 😉

The film itself was really well filmed, the comparison  between what Brent and Lola’s Prom night was like, and Brent’s friend Jamie and Mia’s are in stark contrast and makes the horror and sadistic torture of Brent by Lola and her dad even more horrific.

The twists and turns keep you hooked until the last minute, and the ending definitely leaves you feeling satisfied 🙂 This film has just entered my fave horror films list 🙂






Woke up this morning, after a very heavy drinking session and after the longest night of the weirdest dreams…the only thing I could remember was opening a door…and carved into my wall was… ‘Remember Remember The Loved Ones…’  🙂


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