Guilty Pleasure…

June 22, 2011 at 9:21 pm (Inglorious Bastereds, Michael Fassbender, X-Men First Class)

Soooo, after watching X-Men: First Class and seeing Michael Fassbender…i noticed how god damn beautiful he is!!! He looks equally amazing in Inglorious Basterds!!! I don’t think he needs much more of an introduction.. 🙂

And just for the pure hell of it… 🙂


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X-Men have arrived

June 22, 2011 at 8:56 pm (X-Men First Class)

Went to see X-Men: First Class on Saturday, was pretty excited because I loved the other X-Men films…but it was so much more than I was expecting!!! Haven’t really ever read any X-Men comics, apart from Old Man Logan, but that doesn’t really involve the X-Men. Thought the casting was awesome, the relationship between Professor X and Magneto was perfect, because of the understanding and their differences. Loved how they went into Magneto’s past!!! Loved the intro to new characters that we haven’t seen in the movies before. The story line of the film itself, was better than all the other X-Men film’s and to be honest compared to all the other Marvel films, this film by far blows all the others out of the water!!! Such an incredible idea, Sebastian Shaw’s is such a bastard, and even though my boyf loved him…I HATE HIM!!! Love the idea of the Hellfire Club, although they didn’t really go to much into it…i think it was just enough 🙂 Can’t wait for the next instalment!!!

Def want to go see this film again!!! AND i want to start reading New X-men, and House of M, will let you know what i think 🙂

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Ghost World

June 21, 2011 at 1:13 am (Dan Clowes, Ghost World, Thora Birch)

Just finished reading Dan Clowes’ Ghost World. Loooooooooved it!!! Clowes has this way of letting his character Enid talk and talk and talk…but everything you feel comes from the things that’s not being said. It’s almost awkward right the way through, and it makes the characters more believable. Like we’ve all met somebody like Enid at some point, and Clowes said he based Enid on a girl (or many girls) he met while in art college. Typical clichés, people wanting to be anti establishment, while calling everybody else posers, and this is Enid. All the while, she makes herself look more and more like a poser as the book goes on. And although Enid is a bitch…I still love her!!! It’s hard not to 🙂 In a weird way, Enid and Becky reminds me of me and my best friend, who I’ve known for about fifteen years!!! 🙂

Love the art too, it’s simplistic to the point of perfection! And fits the awkwardness of Ghost World perfectly!!!












And just thought I’d add…bought and watched the film sometime last year, and Thora Birch as Enid is perfection!!! She’s got this whole Velma Dinkley thing going on from scooby doo….
Very Nice 😉





















And just to spoil you all with something yummy…



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Book Worm

June 21, 2011 at 12:46 am (Alice Walker, The Color Purple)

Been reading tons and TONS of stuff the last couple of days!!! My eyes feel like they’ve dried up from all the god damn reading, but I don’t even care!! 😛 Had to read The Color Purple by Alice Walker for an essay for uni, wasn’t really looking forward to it, as there was a LOAD of other stuff id much prefer to be reading. But I started it last night, and finished the entire book in about 2-3 hours, granted it isn’t a huge book, but i literally couldn’t put it down. Its so bloody compelling!! Even though to begin with, the dialect of Celia (the main character) was hard to get used to, she’s from the deep South and has a very strong accent…after a few pages…that just added to the emotion and atmosphere of it.
Walker touches upon everything two people could possibly experience, two sisters Celia and Nettie separated since childhood,  living and experiencing life on seperate sides of the world…but never forgetting one another. The entire book is written in the form of letters, and at first I though ugh…hope its not like this all the way through, but I don’t think the book could have worked better if it was written any other way.
Its moving from start to finish and all the way in between, it’s sad, it’s harrowing, it’s inspirational, it’s emotional, it’s heart warming, it made me feel angry because i wanted to shake Celia up and be like WAKE UP!!!YOUR LIFE IS PASSING YOU BY!!! But on the other hand it made me think the worst day of my life couldn’t compare to the crap Celia had to put up with everyday of her life!!

Don’t want to give to much away, but once again im going to tell you to READ IT!!! 😀

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Guilty Pleasures moment…

June 17, 2011 at 8:08 pm (Guilty Pleasures, Justin Theroux)

Sooooo, i’m going to indulge you all with my guilty pleasure….this week it is Justin Theroux!!! Oh my Christ…he is an absolute beauty!
He’s acted in a number of films, co directed Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller and through that was recommended by Robert Downey Jnr to direct Iron Man 2!!! I first noticed this highly sexy man in Muse’s video Hysteria…and he looks THE shit!! 😀
He’s said to be dating Jennifer Aniston, who is equally as stunning (maybe just a little less lol) And is also the cousin to Louis Theroux…and although i love Louis, clearly Justin got all the looks 😀


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….please do…INDULGE!!!


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Beautiful Beautiful Shoes

June 17, 2011 at 7:17 pm (Alexander McQueen, fashion, H. R. Gieger, Shoes)

I love fashion that’s unique, different a bit sexy, and what MAKES an outfit like that…SHOES!I love love shoes, and don’t care how many I have I can never have enough!!! I love big heels, the way they make a women’s leg look sexy and seductive, the way wearing them makes me feel sexy and confident. So here are some real bizzare shoes i came across 🙂
These stunningly beautiful shoes could only be designed by Alexander McQueen, and they are clearly inspired by H. R. Geiger’s Alien design!!! They are literally sex for the feet haha!! I would kill for a pair of these!!! beautiful shoes, with the heel made from bone, caught my attention straight away!!! I’m sure i could find something that these shoes would go with 😀
These  are incredible! I love shoes that are attached to the foot, so that the foot becomes part of the shoe itself. The arch of the toes with the lace attached right up the front is so sexy!!! And that curved heel made out of leather, that stretches right up the leg…O…M…G!!! VERY nice!!!
These sadomasochistic shoes scream sex, violence and rock and roll!!! Love the black leather, with the metalic spikes, plus the added touch of the red painted heel on the inside!!! Sure i could find a use for these 🙂
There’s nothing more beautiful than a women with a gun!!! So lets blend the next sexiest thing, a women in heels together with the first…and we have perfection!!!


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Sexy Pretty Things…

June 17, 2011 at 5:59 pm (Camilla D'errico)

I’ve fallen in love with Camilla D’errico!! She is possibly my favourite artist right now, and I want to get a tattoo of her work, but can’t quite decide on the one I want. Even though there’s a few of her coloured pieces, that i can’t stop looking at, because there magical and beautiful…I think her black and white art would work incredibly as a tattoo…she’s spoilt me for choice 😉
Half of her work she uses young girls and they remind me of my little girl, that innocence, those big eyes, and her love of animals. The other half of her work, she uses women but that innocence becomes almost sexual, seductive looks, and pouty lips…it’s so beautiful!!!

This one reminds me of my little girl, the big blue eyes, her favourite colour is yellow and she LOVES butterflies 🙂

I love the way she uses colour, her talents are incredible!!! The way she blends and uses the animals remind me of being a kid, and make me feel super happy 🙂

I love this one, the comedy tragedy masks are a great touch. I love her girls, with the beautiful eyes and hair

This one is so seductive, her anime style girls matches the seduction of this piece perfectly. Ribbons in her hair, her pig-tails and pretty hat, mixed with that fact she’s nude, her hands posed over her breasts and she’s playfully sucking on a lolly-pop! Love it!!! 🙂

Love how Camilla D’errico uses mechanics in her art. Recently started reading Burn with her art in, and it’s incredible!!! Her girls are so stunning, and she contrasts it with all this metalic mechanics. I think it’s perfection! 🙂


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New Found Love

June 16, 2011 at 12:53 am (All-Star Superman, Batman & Robin, Frank Quitely, Grant Morrison)

For as long as me and my boyfriend have been together, he’s been trying desperately to get me to get in to Batman, and i DID enjoy the films and stuff, but there was nothing compelling me to read about Batman. I remember telling him that I just wasn’t that into Superheroes…and that was like a metaphorical slap in the face with an added fuck you!!! Lol, but a couple of months ago i read Grant Morrison’s All-Star  Superman, and that was the first Superhero comic i read. Loved it! Was super shocked because Superman is my least favourite superhero, but maybe it had something to do with Morrison’s writing style, or Frank Quietly’s incredibly moving art, but something sparked in me.

Last week I finally started reading Grant Morrison’s Batman & Robin, don’t know what I was expecting really, but it fucking blew my mind!!! I am in awe!!! Never read a writer who writes or thinks or imagines like Grant Morrison, and although my bf goes on about him, at least once a day, he is his number 1 man crush, so I feel like I already know him, but it’s like discovering a new love 🙂 It felt strange to truly care about characters that I’ve been acquainted  with since I was a little kid, but having this awakening of a whole new feeling for them, like i know them personally, like we’re buddies 🙂  And Grants crazy but genius writing, just has you hanging on his every word…waiting for the next…’Woah i did NOT see that coming!!!’  moment 🙂


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