Enter in…the King

April 7, 2011 at 5:29 pm (Apt Pupil, Carrie, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, Stephen King)

As far back as i can remember, ive always had Stephen King around, mostly through films adapted from his books. Being terrified whilst watching Salems Lot and the scene with the little vampire kid tapping on the window. SO creepy. Also, Pet Sematary, the idea alone scared the hell out of me, let alone the creepy dead kid coming back to life!!! I recently bought Pet Sematary and watched it with my boyfriend, and we were both as terrified now watching it as we were back then!

One of my favourite films based on Stephen King books has got to be Shawshank Redemption (Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption). I think it’s probably underated as a King film, but in itself its well loved. The idea, situations and problems the lead character, Andrew “Andy” Dufresne, played by Tim Robbins encounter are heartbreaking . He’s wrongfully sent to prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. Whilst at Shawshank he meets and befriends Ellis “Red” Redding played by Morgan Freeman, who is also in prison for murder. The only difference is one of them is guilty and one is innocent. I don’t want to give too much away for anyone who has not seen it, and if you havn’t i suggest you do 🙂

Even though there’s many of King’s films that i love, i had never really read any of his novels. So last year i bought Carrie, which i felt was fitting as it was his first novel to get published, which is quite ironic as originally he had thrown his draft of Carrie in the trash. It was only when his wife Tabitha found it, read it, and told him he had to finish the story, that it was ever published in the first place!! I loved it, his writing style is like nothing ive ever experienced. There are some writers that like to leave a certain something to the imagination and not give too much away. However King gives you description beyond need, and that’s not to say that, thats a bad thing at all. When reading a King novel, he puts you in the driving seat and lets your imagination take control, there’s so much description that your not just imagining your there and you can see the things that are being explained…you ARE there. Your feeling the things his characters feel, you smell, touch, sense and expereince everything that is being described. It’s an incredible talent to have, and i for one could only hope and dream to be half as good a writer as the King!
Since reading Carrie i have also read Thinner and seen the film, im in the middle of reading Insomnia, and started reading Apt Pupil 2 days ago and finished reading it last night. My god. What an incredible story! I bought the film end of last year sometime, and being a big fan of Ian Mckellen guessed that he would do a good job with it. Although distrubing, the film was great and i really enjoyed it, and this just made me want to read the book all the more.
The book is so much more disturbing than the film and the characteristics of the two main characters are more disturbed, more vindictive, more evil. Most of the way through the book i kept forgetting that Todd Bowden was just a child, the heartless things he got pleasure from listen to, the thoughts in his head were sick and twisted, while all the time keeping his exterior placid, happy, child like…and fake. A line in the book that i loved, was said by the old man to the kid something like,
‘Even though you were still just a kid when you came to me, i could see even then you were an old kid.’
Even though this story isn’t what you would call a horror story it is creepy all the same. ,
The story begins when, Todd Bowden knocks on an elderly mans  house, who goes by the name of Arthur Denker. He lives a few minutes from Todd’s house, and he confronts the elderly man with evidence that he is a fugitive war criminal from World War 2. The kid is extremely clever always thinking one step ahead, and there insues a cat and mouse like game between the two of them that have deadly outcomes. Incredible, twisted, disturbing but brilliant in its undertones. Although the story is about Nazi’s and the war crimes that were committed, it’s also about secrets, childhood being taken away. We see the kid lose everything that he was and basically become one and the same with the a Nazi.

Even if your not into Stephen King, or reading for that matter i would say read this story, and you will be amazed!


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April 4, 2011 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

So the other night my boyfriend and i, whilst watching ‘Choke’ a film based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk who also wrote ‘Fight Club’, we got into a discussion about the soul. We’d had this conversation a few times, but i always seemed to walk out of the conversation in a huff, because i believed that we all had souls and he did not. This night however, we started talking and i threw in everything i thought, believed and knew about the soul, or some sort of energy that resides inside all of us that could be represented as a soul. And my boyfriend counteracted everything i said with scientifics, or more to the point, how as with most things the soul was a man made creation. Religion played a big part in the belief of a soul, and considering im not a religious person what so ever, or i should say not a Christian, this interested me even more. I started questioning why did i believe in a soul? When my boyfriend put it to me, that the soul was created by religion, and looking at it realistically, what was a soul?
I said that i didn’t think that it was a spirit or an aura that dwelled within us all waiting to be released when we die, but more an energy that we all had. He said some thing’s that he’d said to me before, but this night i think my mind must have been more open, or maybe i was jsut ready to hear what he was saying, but it suddenly hit me….Maybe the soul was a man made thing, and i infact did not have a soul.

This literally crushed me, and i stopped speaking. After about an hour of my boyfriend asking me what was wrong, i finally told him, that i finally believed that souls did not exist. He could tell i was upset, and he himself was upset that he’d caused me to think that. We had a deep comforting discussion, as i was very upset, because of personal reasons and things that had happened in the past, and by the end of the night i had a few new ideas.
And although coming to the realisation that i did was upsetting, it came to something good. A few nights later i had a significant dream, and putting alot of things that were going on at the time, i came up with an idea of a new novel. Ive already wrote down the basic plot and characters, and im totally excited to see where these ideas take me.

Hopefully i’ll have something to show for it in the next couple of weeks 🙂

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We are The Walking Dead

April 1, 2011 at 1:03 am (The Walking Dead)

Although i havnt really read many comics or graphic novels, the first i read was Alan Moore’s The Watchmen. That was a pretty big and deep one to jump in with, and at the time i had no idea of the world changing story i was reading. Moore was revolutionary and i read this story, a little confused at the time, but still in awe!!!
My next Comic was Preacher by Garth Ennis and the art was by Steve Dillon. I instantly fell in love with the story before i even read it, as my boyfriend basically explained the whole story to me before i started lol. But the story with the art drew me in instasntly, it has the perfect mix of weirdness and relationships which i love. I read the first 3 in like 2 days, and then realised that my boyfriend had lost his next two issues 😦

About two weeks ago i finally picked up The Walking Dead, after going to a convention where there was many great artist and writers there, and among them was Charles Adlard, the artist for The Walking Dead, and i hadnt yet read it. So over looked the big craze and the ridiculous 6 hour que to get  a sketch.
But after reading….im in awe, im shocked im in love, im scared im frightened, anxious and excited. Everything Robert Kirkman puts into words and everything Charles Adlard puts into art. It’s incredible!!! For someone who doesn’t have any interest in comics i advise you to pic up this comic and just indulge. It will excite you to your very core, and disturb emotions you never thought you could possibly have over a book.

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