The End was Nigh…

March 31, 2011 at 11:59 pm (facebook)

So. After about a year and a half of my boyfriend going on about how facebook is socially wrong, rapes your soul, and forces you to become obsessed with status’, picture updates, whos loving who etc, i finally saw the light. But it wasn’t just his pleas about the site…
30th March was 10 years since my dad died, and without going into too much detail, he was like the biggest inspiration to me. An after reconnecting with people and talking about him…being let down, and left to my own thoughts…i realised what a waste of time Facebook really is? I mean, it’s changed so much, even little changes like you can no longer deny a friend request…you can only hide the request. And how before you used to have to tick a box to say you had permission to upload a pic of somebody…now you don’t. There such simple changes, but it’s the little things like that, that i just thought…facebook is the sucker of souls lol.
No but serisouly, things like once you upload a pic on facebook, facebook then owns the rights to that photo. So any photos of yourself your friends, family and children…no longer belong to you.

And when you get deep into the obsession that is facebook, you see that your’s and everyother person you know who uses it, lifes revolve arounnd it. WHen i diactivated my account 3 or 4 people messaged me and phoned me, just to make sure i was ok and safe and that nothing was wrong. I mean thats mind blowing…when you think about it?!?

But anywyas, im free from the death life grip that facebook has over the world…ive joined the weird and wonderful people with enough sense to think for themselves 🙂


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