Sadder than fiction

December 23, 2010 at 2:28 am (A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner, Minority Report, Philip K Dick, Total Recall)

Recently my boyfriend started telling me about a Sci-Fi author Philip K Dick, the interesting, sad and unbelievable things that happened to him in his life are sadder than the things he wrote about. Before i knew anything about him, i watched Minority report, something i think i put off for a long time because the look of the film seemed almost too much. The whole way through, i was mesmirised, in awe, excited, constantly thinking, realsing things about our country and instantly fell in love with it. We discussed the film for hours after, and thats when i was properly introduced to Philip K Dick.

We recently watched another film that had been based upon one of his books, A Scanner Darkly. It was trippy and almost confusing right from the start. The way in which it was shot, Which was digitally filmed and then animated and this just added to the weirdness and surrealism to the film. However it worked so well i thought. The film doesn’t really seem to make much sense, but as it progresses, we learn more about the characters, which gives us more of an insight. It still does not give you everything you are asking for, and that almost invites us into the world these messed up characters are living. As things start to unravel and become worse and worse, the drug addiction that seems to grasp at them all, and the whole world it would seem, an epidemic of high poportions, it felt to me that we were being dragged in to their paranoir and weird behaviour. Feeling that anxious knot in the pit of your stomach. Watching the documentary before watching ‘A Scanner Darkly’ worked out very well, as i had a better understanding of why PKD put the things in his book that he did. Keanu Reeves plays the main character Bob Arcter, and i saw alot of PKD in that character, but thinking about it he put himself in alot of the characters…even if only a small part.
And lets not forget his other great works that have been adapted into film. Total Recall, which has got to be one of the greatest sci-fi films out there!! Blade Runner, which is based on his novel ‘Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep’. Although i have kind of watched this film, it requires full attention, and i decided to watch it very late, and when i was half asleep 😛 There are also lots of adaptations of his short stories into film, and i think i may try and also give these a go 🙂

An awesome film, probably an awesome book, and an incredible man.


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